Rationalising wages - HRM’s comfort

A motivated employee team is an asset to an organization or a company. Its fortunes largely rest on the level of performance of its employees. The level of performance stems from the satisfaction level of the employees. Employees act charged and motivated if they are adequately compensated and nourished in terms of wage, [...]

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Human Resource – Corporate Life-Line

In the present era of high tech revolution swamping the globe, and the corporates taking the reigns the world over, the Human Resource management, performs a pivotal role in the success or failure of a corporate. It is therefore of paramount importance to promote and maintain HR in the corporates, with a view to build [...]

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Think Up !

( Provide a solution, sale and get a reward )
Rchilli, price a software solution company, are poised to become the world’s number 1 in processing resumes and extracting the direct or indirect values of the Resumes. Rchilli believe that very resume has hot information; the person who is evaluating it needs an eye [...]

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