Resume Parser - A Cv Parsing Software

Resume parser software is program design to ease the H.R department off its burden. The H.R department which is loaded with heavy task is always raising alarm to the company. The resumes which takes months to process in making the company to misuse it resource unnecessary without work any legal explanation. HR department work is always recurring and its seems not to have any end. The introduction of the resume parser software by rchilli, page have lead to a great turning point for great company. The software is designed to have major work done in a short while. The software has great impact on HR department. This has made work done in months done in weeks. The resume parser software is designed do have so many features integrated.

Feature of Resume Parser Software- The software is made with so many important features integrated in. The first feature is that the software can accept all formats of resumes available. These formats are PDF, viagra 60mg RTF, cost TXT, HTML, DOC or DOCX. These formats are the most available and most resumes come in this format. This makes the software compatible with any type of resume and offer no barrier or limitation in resume processing and integration. Most of resumes are widely available.

The resume parser can important the resumes in any sources. This has made the presume parser a greater tool for those the data entry job that would have only by one a single or two people. This makes the software be a fast tool in data entry. The software can extract data from over twenty fields increasing a range of data entry to the system. Resume parser is software compatible with any database. This makes the output directly put into the system with any assistant.

This reduces the changes of an error occurring while putting the output into the data base. This increase the accuracy of data in the database. The software is compatible with any database in any system; hence it can be used by any person. The resume parser is open source software. It can be accessed by any person as long as he has internet connection. This makes the software more available to cooperate. The software is of great help during recruitment. In major recruitment the software analysis the C.V’s provided classifying them especially in recruitment where one is analyzing thousands of C.Vs submitted. This work can be done in several weeks but for resume parser it does it in days

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