Using Software As A Service For Hiring

Any company’s goodwill is dependent on its employees. Hiring is the biggest investment of the company. Depending on what type of people you recruit, story your company’s performance is affected. Today, salve corporate world is facing new challenges every day. Today, talented and worthy candidates are looking for lucrative and rewarding jobs, whereas, well established companies are looking for good candidates. There is cut throat competition outside between competitor companies, in order to get the best recruitment. In such scenario, handling recruitment manually is very difficult and will lead to many delays and waste of time and money.

Today, hiring tools like recruiting software and resume sourcing are boon to the businesses. They have big impact on overall business. Software as a service (SaaS) is a new strategy evolving and is promising to overcome the recession. Today, many businesses are opting for SaaS hiring tool technology. The SaaS hiring tool technology has many benefits like, it is easy to adapt, it comes at affordable rates, it is globally accessible, customizable, can be changed to wireless, zero maintenance cost, etc. It is the best opportunity at cheap prices. Right now, very few SaaS application are available in the market. It is still in its budding phase.

SaaS hiring tool provides with global web conference application. Now, employees can share graphics, presentations, and documents globally sitting at one place without any need to technical staff. SaaS applications are here to handle almost everything in corporate world. It can take care of recruiting to inter organizations collaboration.

SaaS hiring tool gives you an option to get ready made things done. Saas specifically is designed to recruit managers and is designed by them. If a company decides to create their own recruiting software, imagine the money and time it would take. SaaS comes here as a savior. It has ready made data fed to adapt itself according to the companies needs. The best thing about SaaS is that you need not install the programs. They are available online.

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Want To Find Resumes Using Xml Resume Parser?

You may be confused or facing trouble to find out the proper and a match resume to your requirements. Earlier, sick you might be going through a lot of resumes, looking whether the candidate’s skills and experience is fitting to the job title and that is a big toil as well the time consuming. As you have to read each and every resume and then conclude whether or not, it is the one you wanted, it is very time consuming and tedious job.
Now since, the XML resume parser is available to help you out; you can just take rest from all this disorganized work. The XML resume parser is new software introduced to help the Human Resource staff.
This XML resume parser software is really a boon to HR professionals as it is known as an unparallel one, which is the revolutionary parsing software. Since, this is automatic, it gives you a fast, accurate and effective results. It resolves into its components or parts of the resumes and rearranges in the categories like the age of the candidate, educational qualifications, the skills etc. The XML resume parser thus, reorganizes the available data base in a streamlined and accessible way. It helps in computing thousands of resumes within seconds and determines the candidates’ work experience, education qualification, e-mail id, cell number, the skill set in the organizational layout.
The XML resume parser software helps reduce the tension of the qualified HR staff in many ways. For example, the work done by this software is totally errorless, once it starts working, works continuously and has a capacity to produce restructured thousands of resumes.
Generally, if you are a candidate, you must be using the Word document to write your resume, as many of the web based recruiting softwares demand you to submit your resume having .doc as suffix! And this must be easy for you too, because the MS Word is quite easy to write the documents and user friendly. Now, with the extended mark up language software, you can write your resumes further in a formatted style.

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Make Recruitment Process Effective With Recruitment Management Software

In this competitive world, buy the business always needs urgent recruitment or hiring people to work in some important project. The recruitment management software can be a good solution for them. With this software, buy recruitment is no longer a complex exercise. This software reduces paperwork and manual efforts required for tedious jobs like sorting, searching and short listing of candidates.

The recruitment management software automates the entire recruitment process through collection of resumes to scheduling interviews etc. It reduces remarkable time in all the processes. The recruitment management software also facilitates the automation of communication involved in the entire process. In the traditional system, this communication used to take much of the time. But, with the new system, it is a matter of minute. This software allows bulk messages/email. Each and every candidate can be informed about the activities of the recruitment. It is helpful in creating goodwill of the organization in the industry as well.

There are three major components associated with these recruitment management software -

  • The first component is the planning. They help in planning and establishing job positions, deciding budgets to recruiting positions etc.
  • Their second component is about the recruitment process. These software help in tracking applicants, scanning, sorting, short listing, scheduling interviews etc.
  • They also help in all the communications involved in the process very effectively.
  • The third component includes tracking checklist for hiring employees and procuring them in time.

This computerized recruitment management software is far more beneficial than that of traditional manual recruitment system. Due to their easy availability and advancement in technology, automation of business processes is not related with large organizations but small and medium organizations are also going for these solutions.

Besides reducing time in the process, it reduces lot of paper work. The communication is also improved in entire process. The new system also eliminates the need of manual data entry of the resumes. The candidates upload their resumes on the net or email. Even the resumes collected as hard copy can be scanned through the system eliminating data entry and the typographical mistakes associated with it. In short, recruitment management software is helping the businesses all the way.


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SaaS Vs Hosted Recruitment Solution: Which one is the best fit for your hiring need?

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The companies are changing their hiring trend from the traditional manual recruitment procedure to an electronic format. This has been possible with the introduction of intelligent solutions that can help the companies to pick the best with minimum human intervention.

The next question faced by the recruiters is the induction of such solution into their system. At this junction most of companies find a deadlock as its not possible for them to choose the right path. The bottlenecks are created because of the gaps in the decision matrix.

The various parameters effecting the decision making process:

  • TBudget: Definitely cost is one of the parameter that drives the business decision. In SaaS the cost of ownership is low as the application is hoisted at the Vendor’s server. The client does not have to bear the maintenance expenses and by signing Service Level Agreement (SLA), generic the company can minimize the risks of failure and downtime.
  • Time: The hosted solutions consume a recommendable time for installation and configuration. It depends on the time the company can devote for deployment. This parameter is critical for organizations who want to kick start the operations within specified time lines.
  • Technical know-how: To run any application one needs a dedicated resource along with the expertise in handling that service. The companies use so many third party applications that it becomes difficult for them to reproduce the resource for installation and maintenance.
  • Future Scenario: Every company wants to match their pace with the changing technology. If application is once installed it will transfer into a stalled solution after few years. But SaaS companies do provide upgrades and technical support on real time scenario as they are consistently working over their business logic to make it more adaptable and scalable.
  • Scope of Customization: Most of the SaaS applications are available on as-is basis as there is no scope of customization. SaaS solutions are made for masses where the same application is serving the clients across the globe via worldwide internet.
  • Type of Usage: The SaaS applications are web based on demand solutions that can be accessed via public connectivity. If the data is intrinsic to the organization and confidentiality is the concern, stomach the company should go for the hosted solution. Moreover the hosted application can be accessed via offline mode using the intranet connectivity. Hence no data sharing with any third party.

The above mentioned architect has been provided on the basis of usability and availability of resources. The recruiters can choose any of the solution depending on the business model of their company.

We wish to take a test drive and contact us to know which version is best for you

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Essential Solution To Extract Resume Information

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The huge and reputable organizations have to deal with bulk repositories of resumes of the external candidates as well as their in-house employees. The Resumes they received are written and structured in a typical manner. There is no particular way of writing and hence verifying the essential aspects from the resume. Analysis of the text and extraction of the essential information, treat particularly on large scale, ed is quite challenging task.

For the growth of any organization efficient use of skills and experience of the employees plays an important role. In the same way, acquiring the right candidates who can best suit the requirements of the company is also important.

Nowadays, you will find many companies are adopting certain software with an aim to extract resume information. The information extracting software work as a superior text analytics tool which helps to extract the crucial information from the resumes of the potential candidates and employees. These software posses influential information extracting capabilities which automatically identify and extract valuable information from the received resumes and output them in a structured form of repository.

The software helps to extract the vital information which involves set of certain attributes from educational qualifications, projects undertaken, job history, personal details, trainings and proficiencies etc. This software eases to extract resume information. Resume extracting software offers well planned and competent information retrieval and search potential for categorizing candidates which best suits any mentioned requirement.

Resume extracting software is useful for sorting out the candidates for interview, identifying capable employees or candidates for projects, updating the employee’s profile automatically, verifying candidates with specific talents or experience characteristics etc. This software not only reduces the time to verify the resume but also helps the HR management in enhancing the quality of placements and in creating excellent project teams with maximal opportunities of success and customer satisfaction.

Selecting right candidate for the right tasks also enhances employee satisfaction. This information extracting solution can be employed by various internal organizational HR management systems to focus on the operational excellence with effort and cost savings.
In this way adopting a resume extracting solution will help you extract resume information easily.

We wish to take a test drive and contact us to know which version is best for you

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