Resume Extraction Software To Speed Up Your Company’s Progress

Are you confused to set well defined criteria for the eligible employees? Are you willing to hunt talent for the growth of your business or organization? Well, it is very much important to have right personnel at the right place, by keeping all other variables fixed. As we live in a competitive world, it becomes necessary to adopt the modern technologies in business. Material and technology are the two important things, which when brought in at a particular time and price, leads to your company’s progress. Resume extraction software is one of the best solutions, which provide you skillful and responsible applicants for employment. The quality work force with which you are working with, decides your business workforce.

A latest technology will be very much helpful in making your company’s recruitment process more competitive and qualitative. At present, many businesses or companies use novel strategies for human resource management. To grab the best talent world wide, usually resume extraction software is used, nowadays.

If you are puzzled about, what can help you to speed up your recruitment process in more effective manner? Then, the perfect answer is resume software. This type of online extraction software can search intelligently, the eligible candidate required by your company. It will help to increase the potential of your company, by searching the most appropriate person at required position in your company.

Resume extraction software allows you to grab the valuable information of an applicant in an easier and quicker manner. You can keep a track of all the applicants, throughout your recruitment life cycle and it provides you the best benefits. Many small or large companies now prefer this software in their recruitment process. All the experts busy in designing it can design it according to your specific requirement. This extraction software manages your applicants and job efficiently. This latest technology will help you to save your lot of time. Besides, it helps to save your valuable hard work and capital, and make you utilize it in other process. Start with it and you are ready to perform in a smoother and fast way.

Now, with this resume extraction software, it is possible to access internet in a more useful manner. This software will help to manage your applicant’s database more effectively. It will let you know that which candidate has applied for which position, his/her status, his current positing, his last job experience and so on.

If you decide to handle your recruitment process manually, then cost related to this increases. With the extraction software, it is easier to search for the correct candidate at required position. It provides you the facility to send automated replays to your applicants. If you are willing to have a complete control over your online recruitment process, then the easiest option is to use resume software for extraction. This is the most important benefit of using it.

Surely, you cannot find an easier and simpler method than this, to come across a desired candidate. It really helps to designate right personnel for the appropriate role in your company. All these things will definitely lead your company to the success path and what else you need other than this.

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How Companies Are Benefited From The Hr Outsourcing Services

All large and small size companies turn to the hr outsourcing services. This thing helps them to grow their business faster and easier way. It plays a vital role in giving a positive potential to the company and helps to expand your business. A well strategic growth can help your company and will reduce your cost. Your presently working staff can concentrate more on the productivity, if you use these out-sourcing services.

Now, you really don’t have to worry about your needs regarding human resources. HR outsourcing services will try their best for providing you high quality services. Generally, people know that there are outsourcing firms, but many of them are unaware that there are many great hr outsourcing firms, which will provide them with the specified and particular services with ease. These modern outsourcing firms focus at particular activity to be done to provide best services. For example, if you want to hire web designers for your team, then you can approach the hr outsourcing company which is expert in finding best web designers.

Department target tracking, manager training, structure overseeing, administration, training, employee training of benefits, recruiting, orientation programs for employee and development is some of the important hr outsourcing services. Companies, which deliver such outsourcing services are basically small or middle sized, their maximum employ strength is about 1000 people. The main aim of any company is to get rid of the responsibilities of human resource management and completely focus on the company’s productivity and progress.

Benefits of the hr outsourcing services are as follows.

  • People you approach for outsourcing are highly professional and they mainly focus on your particular requirement. Hence, they help you by maintaining professionalism.
  • Their perfect management will help you to reduce your costs.
  • They will provide you with boosting work flow by developing a good relation between employees.

The most important part of these outsourcing services is that you are facilitated to hire a candidate, as per the requirement of your company. It is not always that you will require all services that an outsourcing firm has to offer. Let us take an example, suppose you need training on the environmental awareness problems for your office. It is necessary for you because of your company’s similar nature. In such condition you can search for the outsourcing company which will work perfectly only on this matter.

You must shake hands with those companies which believe in long term relationship. you must do some home work about the existing hr outsourcing services and companies which provide them. You should have a look at their experience and their status in market. It will give you a chance to work with the top company. Be sure that what you want. Be specific and let your outsourcing company do the remaining work. All these things will help you to save lot of money and efforts. You can more and more concentrate on your business productivity with the existing permanent members of your company.

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Application Tracking Software For Efficient Hiring Process

All over the world it is seen that there is an increased competition among the organizations for acquiring the limited talented human capital possessing the relevant capabilities, skills, experience, educational background, etc. Thus the human resource managers of the organizations are fiercely competing for reaching to the right candidates at right time through variety of media like print ads, internet, referrals, and so on. Their efforts would be minimized if they adopt the technological tool like an application tracking software in the day to day activities.

An applicant tracking software helps the organizations to manage the entire hiring process very easily. This software maintains a huge database about the applicants or the job seekers along with the detailed information about various jobs. It is a software application which helps the recruitment people to handle the entire recruitment requirements of the organization in an electronic manner.

This software allows the recruitment managers to search through thousands of resumes, submitted by the job seekers and which are stored in the corporate database. It has the facilities to import and then search for the desired resumes even from the external job websites or the professional recruitment agencies. Based on specific criteria the software automatically shortlists the potential candidates suitable for the job profile. In this way it saves the workload of the HR people from manual searching the prospective candidates through huge database. Thus it saves their time to a large extent and also the money of the organization.

One can obtain such application tracking software from the variety of sources. If you are looking for free software, you can get open source code for such software on the internet. Also you have the option of going for some application service suppliers or the SaaS –Software as a Service- vendor offering the customized software at a fair price. Select it as per your budget, service, and other specific requirements.

The application tracking software has the following common features like:

  • These have the facilities to help or automate the work of the HR people in hiring the best employees available in the market.
  • It helps to manage the huge database of resumes and the variety of job postings.
  • They are flexible and adapt to new or continuously changing hiring needs.
  • They have the facilities to create variety of reports useful to management as well as to align with new legal formalities.
  • These have the capability for modifying certain unwanted features and evolve with new features.

The application tracking software offers a number of advantages to the companies, such as:

  • Automates the recruitment process – It automatically searches through the database and provides the list of suitable candidates to the HR people for further processing.
  • Easier integration with other software.
  • Offers time and money savings.
  • Offers various reporting facilities.

Thus an organization must use an application tracking software in order to save their valuable time, in recruiting the talented employees at right time, right place and at right price.

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How does the resume upload software work for job seekers?

Before starting with it, you must know that this software is not a human and also does not carry any magical powers with it. For this reason, you must pay attention to your resume, while applying for any job. If you are applying for the job for which you are not eligible, then you are posing a threat to yourself and the recruitment process. Mostly, this problem arises due to unqualified applicants applying for a job.

A good resume is useful for making top positions in the candidate pool. It is because that the resume gets scanned, properly. What are the safety measures that a desired candidate should take while creating his resume?

Amazing number of applicants are found using graphics PDF files for making their resumes more attractive. These resumes are like pictures to the resume upload software. This is really not going to help you. You will just tend to loose the opportunity for getting listed, for your desired job. Most of the specialized searchers recommend using MS-Word for resume formatting. It is one of the most easiest and effective way to represent yourself. It will definitely help resume extraction software to scan your resume more appropriately. So, for this, you must submit your resume in textual format. Electronically submitted graphics for resumes are also very much dangerous. These graphics not only avoid scanning graphical data, but it also creates problems to your textual data, present in the resumes.

To exclude the geographical limitations, some of the students neglect writing address in their resumes. This is a false thing. If you do not write address, obviously your resume rank will fall at the bottom of the applicant’s pool. This is because recruiters first check the postal code or zip code. If you are using headers or footers, then avoid them because resume upload software do not recognize it while scanning. Resume parser do not parse these areas and so this information is of no use for resume upload software.

You should use conventional formatting while writing information in resume. Avoid using special fancy characters and giving spaces, while writing the telephone number. You should use standard layouts. Be simple, while representing your resumes. If you are using decorative techniques for your resume, then it is going to harm you and your chances of winning job. Nowadays, the resume upload software is enhanced; they quickly recognize your useless creativity and mostly avoid parsing your resume.

All these things are of great importance for a job seeker. Unless and until, you are not going to follow these instructions, you will remain away from the opportunity of getting a job. As most of the large and small businesses or companies use this resume software for hiring candidates, this possibility increases for each and every job seeker. Be simple, while writing your resume and get listed at the top of the applicant’s pool.

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RChilli introduces Zoho CRM-SaaS: Incredible Recruitment Solution

RChilli, the leading resume parser and analyzer Company, is coming up with an innovative solution by integrating its parsing service with market leaders in CRM applications, Zoho.

What is Resume Parser? :

The unique online software that can search, amass, scrutinize and analyze prospective candidates data overcoming diversity of pattern and layout of each resume and produce results, accurate and precise, on click of buttons, is the Resume Parser.
Free product upgrades and technical support to users :

Users can now avail the dual benefit with inaugural price of as low as $ 17 USD/month/User.The integration will be done using SaaS service along with an exclusive API provided by Zoho for RChilli.

One can integrate the folders, subfolders, POP3 mail IDs with the parser using FTP/email upload options. The parsing will be done in real time scenario. This is a complete solution providing users an edge over both ATS and CRM applications at the most optimum pricing. RChilli will provide free product upgrades and technical support to all the SaaS users. The company has already released the latest version in the market and is planning to come out with the next upgrade by end of this year.

Solutions customized to respective Industry standard protocols :

RChilli has already proved itself as one of the most user friendly, scalable and efficient solution by supporting various CRM, ERP and ATS applications. The solution can be customized to meet variety of industry standard protocols. With the latest advancement in technology driven platforms, RChilli is way ahead of its competitors in providing highly cost centric solutions for the end users.

Solution brings about utmost efficiency and cost savings :

This solution can transform your business performance by streamlining processes for maximum efficiency and cost savings. With RChilli Resume parser you can always bet on improving your recruitment process and decreasing the cost per hire, thus hiring the best candidate in the shortest possible time.

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