Choose your next ATS in 5 easy Steps

1 Research- Start hunting for ATS vendors relevant to your industry only. Refrain from making assumptions on this stage and ask for referrals, ed evaluation and the best would be a trial. Shortlist whether your desired ATS caters to staffing, small business or big enterprises. All major ATS vendors do share few of their customers [...]

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Searching Resumes; the Semantic way!

Human wants are endless and we keep on searching what makes us happier, see better and efficient. So as goes for recruitment industry that has taken a radical shift with more new methods coming in for recruitment, sourcing and social media. Now Semantic searches are done on resume databases to find closer results for [...]

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Rationalising wages - HRM’s comfort

A motivated employee team is an asset to an organization or a company. Its fortunes largely rest on the level of performance of its employees. The level of performance stems from the satisfaction level of the employees. Employees act charged and motivated if they are adequately compensated and nourished in terms of wage, [...]

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