Be Smart With Resume Database Software

Nowadays, malady computers and technology have become an integral part of our lives. Many jobs and activities are eased and accelerated using computers. Recruitment process is not behind in taking advantage of it. Recruitment process takes very long time and includes different activities. Many types of software are developed [...]

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Recruitment software solutions: HR need of the hour

Over a period of time, medications many developing countries across the globe were not aware and hence not at all using recruitment software solutions. But due to very niche and tedious increasing recruitment demands of modern technological time, page almost all types and levels of organizations are using various recruitment software solutions for [...]

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RChilli Plunges Resume Parser’s Dot Net Component

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After a staggering success of the prior versions of Resume Parser, diagnosis Rchilli is merchandising a new product called Dot Net Component of resume parser 3.0 which will aid the ATS providers to adjoin functionality of resume parsing in their system.
Resume Parsing is an automatic application which can be used by ATS/ [...]

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